The longer you wait, the further you’re getting from your goal. Those calories aren't burning themselves. We are a beginner friendly gym and we take pride in working with people who have never boxed before as well as experienced boxers.

You Don't have to be great to start but you do have to start to BE GREAT!!!

TExclusive Boxing, Fitness and Martial Arts Seminars 

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Upcoming Seminars and Courses

B-Town Boxing's Small Group / Boxing and Fitness Training Seminars 

Our exclusive small group boxing seminars take place once a month at our fully equipped gym in Bloomington, Indiana. Our seminars offer a unique boxing training experience for all boxers from beginners to pros. 

The seminars will include all the training equipment needed to take your boxing skills to the next level.

Each seminar is designed to train the participant with proper boxing fundamentals.  After the seminar participants can take and apply to their new skill to their normal at home fitness / boxing routine.  

Each weekend seminar is structured to specific skill level.

Boxing Level 1 Seminar – This seminar is for beginning boxers with no experience.  This camp teaches basic boxing fundamentals, and no prior boxing experience or fitness level is needed.

Boxing Level 2 seminar – This seminar is for boxers who have a good grasp of proper boxing fundamentals but wish to excel their training to the next level.  It is best suited for individuals with at least a moderate fitness level as well as already having a basic understanding of basic boxing fundamentals such as proper punching, footwork, and defense.

Boxing Level 3 seminar – This seminar is designed for the more experienced boxer with an adequate fitness level.  The seminar is great for competitive boxers and or boxers who desire to compete in the future.  The seminar will cover advanced skills and drills along with competitive strategies and tactics.

Please note each seminar is limited to 4 – 10 participants.

If you would like more information on one of our seminars, please feel free to e-mail us at: